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  • Art Commissions | Bree Zhang

    Commissions by Bree Zhang What I Offer Digital Artwork: landscapes, portraits, animals, figures, t-shirt designs, posters, backgrounds, photocopies, book covers . I am also able to record myself drawing and compile the video into a time-lapse for you to see my art process. Payment Method PayPal, Vemno Cash or Check Pricing Pricing will depend on how long the project takes to complete, the level of difficulty, and additional add-ons such as time-lapses. Price negotiations are available. Please message me if you are interested! Contact Me Instagram: direct message my art account at breez_art Email: Click here for more contact methods Past Commissions For more info about me, check out: Art Portfolio Time Lapse Art Music Compositions My Guzheng Story Music Arrangements Other Performances Follow my art instagram account at breez_art_ and deviant art account at bubba-bree for more updates!

  • Guzheng Performance | Bree Zhang

    Solo Duet and Ensemble Other Instruments Traditional Chinese Pieces Performed by Bree Zhang Guzheng Solo Spring Comes to the Snowy Mountain - Unknown Artist 00:00 / 00:00 Spring Comes to the Snowy Mountain ​雪山春晓 Composer: 格桑达吉,范上娥 Recorded on October 15th, 2017 The Peacock Flying Southeast ​孔雀东南飞 Composer: 郑德渊 Re-arranger : 邱大成 Drew University Concert Hall June 3rd, 2017 Music From China Youth Orchestra Rainbow Concert Spring Comes to Lhasa ​春到拉萨 Composer: 史兆元 Drew University Concert Hall May 31st, 2015 Music From China Youth Orchestra Rainbow Concert Gui Zhou Yao 贵州谣 Composer: 姚宁馨 The College of New Jersey Concert Hall November 8th, 2014 NJMTA Young Musician's Competition Winner's Recital ​ Xiang Shan She Gu 香山射鼓 Composer: 曲云 Hong Kong, China August 13th, 2013 The 3rd International Zheng Contest 11-14 Age Group Guzheng Duet and Ensemble The Dance of the Amei Tribe ​阿美族舞曲 Composer: 台湾民谣 Rearranger: 顾冠仁 The Hindu Temple Society of Northern America in Flushing, NY February 25th, 2018 Chinese New Year Festival 春节晚会 Additional Performer: Emily Yang Hanging Red Lanterns 挂红灯 Composer: 周成龙 McCarter Theatre, Princeton, NJ February 8th, 2014 Chinese New Year Festival 春节晚会 Additional Performer(s): Grace Chen, Jennifer Zhang, Joyce Lu, Emily Yang, Angela Weng, Sabrina Ngan, Jiongnan Liu, Jacqueline Hua, Bonnie Hu. The Song of Spring 春节序曲 Composer: 李焕之 McCarter Theatre, Princeton, NJ February 8th, 2014 Chinese New Year Festival 春节晚会 Additional Performer(s): Grace Chen, Jennifer Zhang, Joyce Lu, Emily Yang, Angela Weng, Sabrina Ngan, Jiongnan Liu, Jacqueline Hua, Bonnie Hu. Guzheng with Other Instruments Fisherman's Song at Dusk 渔舟唱晚 Composer: 曹正,朱郁之 Huaxia Bridgewater Chinese School January 31, 2016 Chinese New Year Festival 春节晚会 Violin: Joyce Lu For more info about me, check out: About Me Time Lapse Art Art Portfolio My Guzheng Story Music Compositions Music Arrangements Subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more music updates! Follow me on Spotify! Spotify

  • Resume | Bree Zhang - Aspiring Artist, Musician, Dentist

    Dental & Healthcare Experience Leadership and Outreach Research Experience Teaching and Education Music Accolades Art Accolades Resume This information can also be found on my Linkedin . Education Brown University Pyschology Sc.B. GPA 3.97 Providence RI (Graduated with Honors) ​ Courses : Abnormal Psychology, Children’s Thinking, Behavioral Neuroscience, Brain Damage and the Mind, Personality, Artists and Scientists as Partners, Statistical Methods, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry 1 & 2, Physiology, Basic Physics, Theory of Tonal Music, Jazz and Pop Harmony, The Psychology of Teaching and Learning, Healthcare in the US, Visa 100 Dental and Healthcare Experience Dental Associates of RI, Dental Assistant & Practice Coordinator Johnston RI (2021-2022) Provided quality chair-side assisting while spearheading new practice innovations: Integrated music therapy to reduce dental fear and anxiety. Transitioned practice to paperless operations to increase efficiency. Redesigned website, created graphics, optimized SEO. Implemented social media strategy, featuring therapy dogs, teambuilding and staff interactions, community-based involvement and partnerships, and patient engagement. ​ Mercer Oral Surgery, Surgical Assistant Hamilton NJ (Summer 2020) Chair-side assisted in oral and maxillofacial surgeries such as general anesthesia, bone grafts, implants, wisdom teeth extractions, biopsies, alveoloplasty by suctioning, irrigating, preparing sutures, retracting, and more. Sterilized and disinfected instruments and operating rooms, maintaining a clean environment during COVID-19. ​ Hunterdon Family Dental Care, Dental Assistant and Receptionist Lebanon NJ (2015-present) Provided quality care to patients through chair-side assisting, sterilizing and disinfecting operatories, preparing procedures like crowns, bridges, veneers, root canals, implants, Invisalign. Assisted in operating new CEREC 3D scanning and milling technology. Rebuilt new website , optimized SEO and rankings, redesigned office logo and PR, managed advertising and hiring campaigns. ​ Rhode Island Free Clinic, Dental Assistant Volunteer Providence RI (2019-2020) Volunteered in newly established dental clinic to provide service to uninsured low-income adults through chair-side assisting, sterilizing and disinfecting dental operatories, charting medical records and treatment plan options. ​ Rhode Island Hospital, Music Therapy Volunteer Providence RI (2019-2020) Performed palliative music for patients at the Cancer Center through the Hands Through Harmony Program and fostered creative expression in children coping with illness or injury by providing therapeutic arts and crafts. Leadership and Outreach Experience Brown University Class of 2022, Co-President Providence RI (2018-2022) Planned class-wide events, focusing on inclusivity and accessibility to promote class spirit and unity, sustaining traditions while creating new ones that represent the ever-changing student demographic. Also served as resource channel for academic, social, and extracurricular support for students during the virtual semester. Planned Senior Week and will be responsible for planning Brown Class of 2022 five year reunion. ​ Brown University Pre-dental Society, President Providence RI (2018-2022) Spearheaded the “Oral Health for the Elderly” initiative to provide oral hygiene training sessions to caretakers at nursing homes, working with the Oral Health Program at RI Department of Health. Organized community service RI Mission of Mercy, inter-school conferences, and panels inviting dental students and dentists to inspire pre-dentals. Brown University First-Year Experience, Orientation Leader Providence RI (2019-2022) Mentored groups of first-years by providing the guidance on academics, extracurriculars, and social life needed to successfully adapt to the University & the student community. Planned and executed fun, active social programming. Research Experience Harvard School of Dental Medicine Global Health Starter Kit Author Boston MA (2021-present) Working with Dr. Seymour, Global Health Discipline Director at Harvard School of Dental Medicine, to spearhead the development of two new modules "COVID-19: Global Lessons for a Global Profession" and “Global Health for Pre-dental Students,” within Harvard School of Dental Medicine's Global Health Starter Kit, a competency-based global health ‘starter’ curriculum designed for dental educators and students. View the previous five modules here . ​ Bottle-Feeding Case Study Research, Second Main-Writer Annandale NJ (2017-2018) Studied anterior crossbite correction through bottle-feeding under Dr. Zhu and Dr. Rosivack at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. Contacted hospitals, collected data, obtained reference photos, generated diagrams, wrote and revised drafts of published case report “Early Correction of Anterior Crossbite Through Bottle Feeding.” Sobel Causality and Mind Lab, Research Assistant Providence RI (2020-2022) Investigating children’s reasoning and social cognition by designing and drawing digital storyboards for experiments, coding, transcribing, and interpreting data, creating graphics and diagrams for research papers with photoshop and powerpoint. Conducted independent study and designed an experiment from scratch to study praise's effects on children's motivation, which became part of Senior Thesis. ​ Harvard School of Dental Medicine ASDA, Dental Advocacy Fellow Boston MA (2020-present) Researching links between oral and mental health such as eating disorders and depression, creating educational materials on ways for HSDM students to get involved in community-based dental clinics, spearheading project on children’s oral health education to increase accessibility for families with language barriers and poor internet access. Education and Teaching Experience PrincetoNow Education Services Inc., Senior Essay Specialist Princeton NJ (2018-present) Guided students in developing, editing, and polishing application essays. Interviewed students about talents and interests, helped formulate extracurricular activities and career goals. Provided mock interviews. Children’s Medical Foundation, Fellowship Associate Summer Intern Hong Kong, China (2019) Implemented and executed CMF 2019 Social Impact Fellowship through curriculum and logistical development. Generated and managed communications and social media strategy through platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Salesforce. Designed promotional material, signage, and invitations for branding and marketing. Huaxia Bridgewater Chinese School, Guzheng Class Co-Founder and Teacher Bridgewater NJ (2014-2018) Co-founded the first guzheng (21-stringed Chinese harp) class at Huaxia Chinese school for children age 6-13. Led students to perform in Bridgewater Rehabilitation Center, Somerville Heritage Festival, Patriots Baseball Stadium. Music Accolades Performance Locations Carnegie Hall (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018) The First Baptist Church in America (2022) Metropolitan Museum of Art (2015, 2016) McCarter Theater (2015) Drew University (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018) New Jersey Performing Arts Center (2019) Westminster Choir College (2016, 2017) Rutgers Nicholas Center (2014, 2018) Awards and Honors Gold Prize, Sinovision Television Teen's Talent Competition (2017) ​ Self-composition "Journey" and "Dancing in Snowflakes" performed by MFCYO Orchestra at Drew University (2017-2018) ​ 4th Place, Central China TV Talent Competition (2017) ​ Grand Prize, National League of Performing Arts Young Musician's Showcase Competition (2015) ​ 1st Place, Princeton International Chinese Music Competition Award (2014) ​ 1st Place, New Jersey Music Teacher's Association Young Musician's Competition (2014-2016) ​ ​ Art Accolades Brown University Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs "Time Capsule" Exhibit (2021) ​ Brown University Science Center Annual Art Exhibit "Exploration" (2019) ​ Winner, International Fund for Animal Welfare Competition U.S. Winner: selected for publication in the yearly calendar (2016) ​ 2nd Place, National Arts Program Competition Rutgers (2018) ​ Celebrating Art Publication (2015-2017) ​ Selected in Hunterdon Art Museum Young Artists Showcase​ (2018) ​ Selected for Participation in Congressional Art Competition (2018) Skills Fluent in Mandarin (writing, reading, speaking) Digital art (Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint)Music composition and mixing (Studio One 3, Musescore), Filmmaking and Video Editing (Adobe Premiere), Excel and Powerpoint For more info about me, check out: Art Portfolio Time Lapse Art Music Compositions My Guzheng Story My Dental Journey My Asian Identity

  • About Me | Bree Zhang

    Intro Teaching Event Planning Art Music Dentistry Contact Me About Me Introduction Hi I'm Bree, she/hers)! I recently graduated from Brown, receiving a degree in Psychology (ScB) with Honors, and I will be pursuing a DMD at Columbia College of Dental Medicine--read about my dental journey here ! My favorite animal (coincidentally my zodiac animal) is the dragon and I am the HUGEST fan of Studio Ghibili movies (Princess Mononoke is my <3). In my free time, I enjoy playing the guzheng ( 古筝), oil painting and digital painting, composing music, writing short stories, going on morning runs, learning Tiktok shuffles, and ​trying new sports like ice skating, frisbee, and ballroom dancing! Things I Like to Do! Teaching There's something magical about giving someone your knowledge and watching the crazily amazing things they do with it. I first fell in love with teaching in 2014 when I co-founded a guzheng class for children. Later, in college, I found an opportunity to work as a college counselor and essay editor with Princetonow Education Services, advising and helping students develop their passions. However, I always loved working with children. It's like planting a seed and watching it take root and grow up. So I joined a developmental psychology lab, Causality and Mind Lab at Brown, studying how children think, learn, and interact with the world. This past April, I finally finished my senior thesis on "Effects of Different Praise on Children's Motivation"!🦷 Event Planning They say you'll forget your grades, but you won't forget your people. Being on Class Coordinating Board and First-Year Orientation Programming gave me a wonderful and humbling opportunity toe be a "Matchmaker" to create spaces and chances for new friendships and relationships 👀 to form. Whether students are dancing, apple-picking, ice skating, exploring Providence, going on coffee dates, or "scrambling," I hope they can remember their moments at Brown! Art To me, art is dreaming of weird things. Art is believing in yourself when no one else does. Art is reflecting on your tragedies and successes. Art is growing as a human. Art is confusing and messy and befuddling. Art is harsh and unforgiving but it can be comforting and lovely. Art is cool! ​ View my artwork , watch my time-lapse paintings , or consider buying my artwork ! Selling Artwork at the Underground Market At the Create@Brown ArtMart Music I'm a musician and composer. Music has allowed me to connect with my culture. It has given me space to heal from my eating disorder. I'm always trying new ways to play my guzheng (古筝). Recently, I've discovered a new passion for music improvisation and spontaneous storytelling . Read more about my guzheng story or listen to my most recent compositions ! Spotify Dentistry Most people just see teeth, but I see dentistry as this glowing, overlapping, breathing ecosystem of all my passions: art, music, science, public health, global health, psychology, and education. Read more to find out about why I'm passionate about dentistry. Hunterdon Family Dental Care Rhode Island Free Clinic Dental Associates of Rhode Island For more info about me, check out: Art Portfolio Time Lapse Art Music Compositions Why Dentistry Music Arrangements My Asian Identity Contact Me Send Success! Message received. Spotify

  • Music Composition | Bree Zhang

    Guzheng Solo Guzheng with Vocals Orchestral Compositions Compositions by Bree Zhang Spotify Guzheng Solo Growing Up This song addresses the joy, sadness, and beauty of growing up. It begins with a prelude of introspection and then transitions to the main melody filled with fun and playfulness, representing the innocence and unreserved happiness of our childhood. The melody gets faster and faster, just as we barrel through life faster and faster from crawling to walking, to running, to sprinting, but then…⁣ ⁣ Suddenly, our childhood is shattered. Suspended in uncertainty, we glance around, realizing that the world as we know it isn’t the same. Moving forward, the song takes a deeper tune, one that may be filled with shades of sadness, guilt, heartbreak, anxiety, fear. Yet we still advance forward, step-by-step. We grow, finding strength in our weaknesses and fears, learning how to live with our own inner demons, creating beauty from shattered glass: that's what’s called maturation. And, sometimes, we may look back to our old childhood memories with a bittersweet yet hopeful smile. It’s never the same but we can reminisce and appreciate our old memories. Metamorphosis Just as a caterpillar transforms to a butterfly, this piece describes my metamorphosis from a fumbling young girl into a determined young woman. I used to have confidence issues and always felt like a secondary character. However, music, art, story-writing, and my interactions with my culture helped to provide stepping stones which I slowly climbed until I gathered enough “nutrients'' to crystallize and form a cocoon of confidence. In this song, my moment of “metamorphosis” begins (2:08 to 3:14) when I realize how far I’ve come. It’s like an awakening, building to a point where I break free from my chrysalis with newfound wings, flying through the world with speed, energy, and power (represented by the song’s sudden increase in tempo and excitement from 3:16 to 4:13). As I fly, I realize how vast the world is, how many infinite possibilities exist for me to explore. However, the most important part of my metamorphosis (represented by the song’s slower finish 4:38 to end) is remembering to rest my wings at the end of the day so that I have time for reflection and introspection. Thus, as I wrap up my song with a slower yet purposeful finish, I am filled with a satisfaction of how much I’ve grown. Returning Home When I was younger, my grandma came all the way from China to help raise me. Not only did she ensure I was healthy and happy growing up, she also taught me about my Chinese culture and heritage, instilling in me values of gratitude, patience, and resilience.When I was 10, however, my grandmother had to return to China due to her declining health, and she never came back to America again. I missed her very much for several years, wishing I could see her again and show her how much I’d grown since she left. And in 2017, I was given the perfect chance: I found out I was returning to China for a guzheng talent competition and that I would be able to reunite with my grandmother before the competition. I was so elated and excited that I decided to write a song dedicated to my grandmother called “Returning Home.” The first section of my song (0:00 to 2:39) symbolizes my longing for my grandma. The allegro portion (2:39-4:00), which features my technical skills, symbolizes my excitement and anticipation of meeting her after so many years of separation. I also paired artwork with this piece. The first three works in this sequence show key points of my relationship with her, whether it was feeding fish above a pond in my hometown, blowing candles during my birthday, or simply laughing together. The last work features my happy reunion with her. That day, I was able to perform the song for her in person, and the smile on her face was another moment that I wanted to capture in memory forever. Guzheng with Vocals Daydreams It was very difficult writing, singing, and making art for this song because it brings me back to a time filled with insecurities, fears, loneliness, and self-loathing, a time when I didn’t know who I was, when I pretended to be someone I wasn’t, floundering in search of an identity, surrounding myself with people but feeling quite lonely, chipping away at myself with sweet lies until I almost believed them. However, I’m really glad I finally finished it because now I’m able to look back and confront it. To the girl in this song (Me Of the Past), she would’ve never imagined herself living the life featured at the end of this song (artwork which I paint in saturated beautiful colors), so it’s just yet another “daydream,” a beautiful lie she repeats to herself in hopes of seeing change. But someday, it will come true, someday :) In Ten Years “In Ten Years” is about facing rejection, standing up from it, and moving forward with no regrets. I was inspired by the many college rejections I received over the course of December to early March my senior year (prior to getting into Brown, which I honestly never expected to get into given my college track record). Each result I received was a blow to my confidence, and I started to question whether I was really capable or talented or intelligent. However, I eventually knew I needed a change, and instead of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to channel my feelings into an actual song and do something productive with it. This song, “In Ten Years,” was born as a result. It was my first time composing a song that included vocals, singing while playing the guzheng, and shooting and editing the film. In the end, I was able to learn many new things, and I will continue to move forward with my head held high. Orchestral Compositions A Mother's Love 🥰This music composition and series of 12 art pieces (titled “A Mother’s Love”) is a tribute to my mother and all the other beautiful mothers in this world who have given us irreplaceable support, wisdom, care, and love since the day we were born, from changing our diapers, to teaching us how to walk, to comforting us when we are sad, to cheering on our successes, to supporting us even when we leave home to explore the world. No matter how old I become, I will always keep my mother in my heart and remember all the sacrifices and hardships she endured to provide me opportunities to grow, learn, and love. I love you 妈妈. Dancing in Snowflakes - Bree Zhang 00:00 / 00:00 A Journey in Retrospect - Bree Zhang 00:00 / 00:00 Dancing in Snowflakes “Dancing in Snowflakes” is written for my chinese orchestra, Music From China Youth Orchestra. It describes the care, grace, and empathy we must have to interact with snow without breaking its purity—whether we are in elation and power or in stillness and quietude. Although the song does have western elements, it takes on a predominantly ethnic theme from the pentatonic scale. Furthermore, it features several individual solos, from Hulusi to Erhu to Liuqin to Guzheng, and these instruments build on each other in layers and layers, accumulating in volume and power just as snowflakes quietly and seamlessly decorate a landscape in their beautiful coldness. A main melody is integrated 5 times throughout the song, but it is rendered differently each time, sometimes appearing as a solo, other times being played by the whole entire orchestra. Regardless, the last melody (m. 60) is played by all the instruments that complement and support each other as one unit—just as snow sticks together and embraces the world in a single color of white. ​ When I began this piece, I was also inspired by one of my favorite figure skaters, Evgenia Medvedeva, so I created an artwork that goes with it. See here for the time lapse drawing of the piece. A Journey in Retrospect “A Journey in Retrospect” was my first attempt at composition. I wrote it December 2016 for my orchestra (Music From China Youth Orchestra), and it was performed on June 3rd, 2017 at Drew University. Mixing elements of western and traditional pentatonic music, this song reflects the journey of a person’s life—and my own journey through composing. It begins with a prelude that introduces the central motif to set the mood and pace of the song, in the same manner an author would preface his story with some background. The prelude is followed by a jumpy innocent melody first played by plucked instruments—representing our shaky little steps at the beginning of a journey (m. 9). The melody is then repeated more richly and melodically by string instruments—representing out gradual maturation and development in our journeys (m. 17). Eventually, the song changes into a more powerful theme (m. 33) that is characterized by strength and willpower in the face of trial and tribulations- the melody builds in momentum until it reaches a climatic direct modulation key change (m. 44). Following the key change is a rich intersection of three different melody lines, and the song slowly falls in power until it repeats the prelude (m. 53), returning full circle, but this time, the prelude sounds different: it is deeper, more experienced, more reflective tone- just as we when we look back at the end of our journeys. For more info about me, check out: About Me Time Lapse Art Artwork My Guzheng Story Music Arrangements Other Performances Subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more music updates! Follow me on Spotify! Spotify

  • Contact Me | Bree Zhang

    Contact Me - Bree Zhang Find me through any of the social media accounts listed below, or shoot me an email directly! E- Youtube : Bree Zhang Instagram : bubba_bree and breez_art Facebook: Bree Zhang Deviant Art: bubba-bree ​ Thanks! Message sent. Send

  • Miss Chinese Pageant | Bree Zhang

    Miss Chinese Pageant Overview In summer 2018, I was selected as one of the 13 Finalists for Miss Chinese Pageant among hundreds of applicants. The pageant involved three months of training, a tour in San Fransisco, a talent show in Sand Castle, NY, a jewelry show in Flushing, NY, and the final show at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. My accomplishments in the Pageant include: ​ Winner of the Laihing Jewelry Show 2018: I won the best jewelry presentation award, which included: 14 karat gold necklace and the chance to wear and present the most expensive jewelry in the store, a Forever Mark diamond set more than 1 million dollars. ​ Miss Best Talent 2018: During the talent show, I made it into the Top Five Talent with guzheng and won the Group Talent Award with live acrylic painting. During the final show, I performed on the guzheng, a 21-stringed Chinese Harp, playing a self composition I wrote for my grandmother while featuring my digital art paintings on the large screen background. ​ Miss Second Runner-up 2018: I placed 3rd place overall at the Final Show in Mohegan Sun, which included several segments: evening gown, swimsuit and Q&A, Qipao walk, and the final five Q&A. ​ Pictures San Fransisco Tour Day 1: Napa Valley and Newton Vineyard Day 2: Palace of Fine Arts Day 3 and 4: City Hall and Golden Gate Bridge Talent Show Laihing Jewelry Show Final Show at Mohegan Sun Fashion Show Evening Gown Talent (Guzheng Performance) Qipao and Final Awards For more about Miss Chinese Pageant, you may follow them on social media! Website Facebook Instagram For more info about me, check out: About Me Time Lapse Art Artwork My Guzheng Story Music Compositions Other Performances Subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more updates!

  • Time-lapse Art | Bree Zhang

    Time Lapse Tutorials Art Videos by Bree Zhang Time Lapse Digital Drawings Doggies at the Dental Office! Featuring Lulu and Olive, the comfort dogs at my dental office, the Dental Associates of Rhode Island, who make our office a welcoming home and help alleviate patient fear and anxiety! <3 ​ Olive and Tallulah were rescued from Little Rhody Rescue, a nonprofit dog rescue organization striving to find safe homes for neglected and underprivileged dogs. Olive and Tallulah have been with the DARI family since 2018, comforting patients in the office during dental appointments.⁣⁣ ​ India Point Park Whenever I walk down to India Point Park in Providence, RI, I am mesmerized by the quiet beauty held within the stillness of water, especially during the winter when snowy white seems to blend into the sky. It brings me back to an old dream that inspired my first oil painting in 2016, where I was sitting along the edge of a dock, staring out at an expanse of a frozen lake and a red forest laden in white snow. 5 years later in 2021, I am reflecting on that dream: both the feeling of loneliness that comes from being in your own thoughts and the feeling of calm contentment as I watch the birds that I am not alone right now. The red within me is all around me--if I only take the time to look. I'll Still be Painting I was inspired to make this piece after re-watching Howl’s Moving Castle. This artwork is an oath to myself to always be an artist, whether I’m 19 years old or 91 years old. After all, there’s something beautiful and powerful about art for all ages, not only functioning physiologically to improve neurologic mechanisms such as sensory-motor integration, abstraction, and eye-hand coordination, but also guiding identity formation, allowing us to express our inner thoughts, emotions, feelings and values, from facing fears and insecurities, to capturing moments of love and happiness, to exploring ourselves and the world around us. Even when I grow old and lose my physical capabilities, I hope to retain a youthful mind and a spirit of an artist, just as Sophie did in Howl’s Moving Castle :) Imagined City In this artwork, I crafted this city and its inhabitants without references, drawing random buildings and structures as I saw fit. I let the flow of my imagination guide my pen in a direction I had no idea where I'd end up, in the same way as the girl who lets her imagination take her away to a faraway place she yearns for. This piece is actually made in conjunction with a book I am currently working on, “The Nameless Novel’s Secret.” Thus, the artwork features elements and symbols of this novel, which will make sense as the plot unfolds and unravels. Digital Art Program: Clip Studio Paint. Video Recording Software: Cyberlink Powerdirector. Dancing in Snowflakes Inspired by Evgenia Medvedeva, I made this digital artwork, which is paired to the music I composed for my MFCYO orchestra. This video features a speedpaint time lapse of my entire process from a blank canvas to the finished product. For a more in-depth description and full score of the music, see here . ​ Digital Art Program: Clip Studio Paint. Video Recording Software: Cyberlink Powerdirector. Vincent Zhou Drawing This artwork is dedicated to Vincent Zhou, whom I feel a close connection to as an ABC and someone born in the year 2000, the year of the dragon. Overall, I'm inspired by his athleticism and intellect, and I wanted to convey it here in the power, strength, and resilience of the dragon, which represents his zodiac and mine. ​ Digital Art Program: Clip Studio Paint. Video Recording Software: Cyberlink Powerdirector. Tutorials The Power of Words A time lapse of my art process paired with a voiceover. For the full description of this artwork, see here . ​ Digital Art Program: Clip Studio Paint. Video Recording Software: Cyberlink Powerdirector. Music Background: "Always With Me" by Joe Hisaishi. For more info about me, check out: About Me Art Portfoio Music Compositions My Guzheng Story Music Arrangements Other Performances Follow my art instagram account at breez_art_ and deviant art account at bubba-bree for more updates!