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What I Offer
  • All portfolio pieces are available as prints for sale!

  • Brunoscapes are $20. All other prints are $15. 

  • View my portfolio here

Choose from 2 Print Options
  • 12 in x18 in, cardstock paper
  • 8 in x10 in, fine art linen paper (with description of artwork printed on the back)

  • NOTE: due to shutdown of printing services, not all prints are available in 12x18 anymore. The Brunoscapes that are still available are Main Green, Sayles Hall Organ, Van Wickle Gates, Downtown Ice Skating, and Waterfire

Bulk Pricing

Each additional print is $-4 off total price

  • 2 prints = $-4 off total price

  • 3 prints = $-8 off total price

  • 4 prints = $-12 off total price

  • 5 prints = $-16 off total price

Shipping or Pickup Options
  • Pick up artwork on campus at Blue Room (free)

  • Ship artwork to preferred address (additional $6-11)

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