Portfolio - Bree Zhang

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STEM in Art


These works are inspired by my STEM passions within chemistry, biology, physiology, and genetics. They also contain important messages related to the healthcare field: medicine, behavioral health, public health, and my future profession: 🦷 dentistry 🦷


Honored to announce that I am officially selling artwork via the The Brown University Bookstore! "Brunoscapes" are renditions of memorable locations at Brown, each associated with specific memories, feelings, and emotions of my undergraduate experience!




These dreamscapes and imaginary lands are rendered spontaneously without any prior planning, sketching, or reference photos. Like lucid dreaming, I let go of my inhibitions and allow my imagination to fabricate the landscape around me as I revel in the unconstrained fields of my mind and the different variations of creativity it can manifest. 


Snapshots in Time

The world as I see it is composed of snapshots of meaningful places, objects, and people that have emotional significance to me, no matter if they are happy, funny, sad, or tragic. I capture these moments in memory so that I can keep them with me forever, etch them forever in the molecular gaps between the threading of my canvas or paper. Without them, I wouldn't be Bree Zhang.


Ordinary Meets Unordinary

These pieces retain the structural integrity of the ordinary world but transcend the constraints of reality. Some works are simply funny humorous, some are bizarre and outlandish, some are inspirational, some may be sad or frightening.


Social Commentary

My social commentary functions as activism and investigation within the intersectionalities of race, gender, sexuality, neurodiversity. It ranges from calling us to take voting action, to raising awareness about Anti-Asian Hate, to encouraging us to stand in solidarity against COVID-19, to analyzing female idealizations and expectations in relation to objectification, clothing, body image, and sexual violence.

Tributes to Love

Art and Music Combination Pieces

Returning Home


These 4 pieces are made together with my guzheng composition dedicated to my grandmother, called "Returning Home." Each piece shows a treasured moment with my grandmother: feeding fish above a pond in my hometown, blowing candles during my birthday, laughing together, and reuniting with her after 7 years of separation. Go to My Compositions for the song and a more detailed description of my relationship with my grandmother.