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Buy Artwork - Bree Zhang

Brunoscapes are now for sale via Brown University Bookstore

Order Your Artwork Here

Please reference MY PORTFOLIO for the name of the artwork you want to order. If you want to buy multiple pieces, please fill out the form multiple times (once for each artwork)! Please note the discount option if you are a Columbia or Brown student/faculty!

Include Hand-Signed Signature

Thanks for submitting! You will receive an email in the upcoming days with more details

More About Me

Screenshot 2022-11-08 200036_edited.jpg

Harvard Global Health Starter Kit co-author, 2nd author of bottle feeding case study


Advocacy infographics  featured on Columbia and Harvard ASDA pages.

Bree banana.jpg
My Asian Identity

Reflections on what it means to be Asian American and my struggles with my identity

HSDM - The ecosystem of my love for dentistry-min.jpg

About me as an NHSC Scholar, TedX Speaker, Advocacy Award Recipient

6_1_2022, 9_45_58 PM.jpg

How I combine music therapy and art to heal and educate patients!

6_1_2022, 10_12_32 PM.jpg

My five key takeaways + lessons from Brown University: the goods, bads, and funs!

6_1_2022, 9_39_06 PM.jpg
Music Compositions

Performed in Carnegie Hall (5 times), Metropolitan Museum (2 times), McCarter Theatre (2 times)


Miss Chinese Pageant 2018 2nd Runner up, Miss Talent 2018, Laihing Jewelry Winner

0 Ratty2.jpg

Sold by Brown Bookstore. Featured on Columbia Global Consortium of Climate Health

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