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Art Videos by Bree Zhang

Time Lapse Digital Drawings

Doggies at the Dental Office!

Featuring Lulu and Olive, the comfort dogs at my dental office, the Dental Associates of Rhode Island, who make our office a welcoming home and help alleviate patient fear and anxiety! <3

Olive and Tallulah were rescued from Little Rhody Rescue, a nonprofit dog rescue organization striving to find safe homes for neglected and underprivileged dogs. Olive and Tallulah have been with the DARI family since 2018, comforting patients in the office during dental appointments.⁣⁣

They Say Humans Taste Like Beef

This artwork is a social commentary that imagines an alternate parallel universe where human and animal relations are flipped, where humans are raised like cattle and their body parts eaten for dinner under romantic starlight.

The timelapse can be accessed at the very end of the video after the cow conversation finishes.

India Point Park

Whenever I walk down to India Point Park in Providence, RI, I am mesmerized by the quiet beauty held within the stillness of water, especially during the winter when snowy white seems to blend into the sky. It brings me back to an old dream that inspired my first oil painting in 2016, where I was sitting along the edge of a dock, staring out at an expanse of a frozen lake and a red forest laden in white snow. 5 years later in 2021, I am reflecting on that dream: both the feeling of loneliness that comes from being in your own thoughts and the feeling of calm contentment as I watch the birds that I am not alone right now. The red within me is all around me--if I only take the time to look.

I'll Still be Painting

I was inspired to make this piece after re-watching Howl’s Moving Castle. This artwork is an oath to myself to always be an artist, whether I’m 19 years old or 91 years old. After all, there’s something beautiful and powerful about art for all ages, not only functioning physiologically to improve neurologic mechanisms such as sensory-motor integration, abstraction, and eye-hand coordination, but also guiding identity formation, allowing us to express our inner thoughts, emotions, feelings and values, from facing fears and insecurities, to capturing moments of love and happiness, to exploring ourselves and the world around us.


Even when I grow old and lose my physical capabilities, I hope to retain a youthful mind and a spirit of an artist, just as Sophie did in Howl’s Moving Castle :)

Imagined City

In this artwork, I crafted this city and its inhabitants without references, drawing random buildings and structures as I saw fit. I let the flow of my imagination guide my pen in a direction I had no idea where I'd end up, in the same way as the girl who lets her imagination take her away to a faraway place she yearns for.


This piece is actually made in conjunction with a book I am currently working on, “The Nameless Novel’s Secret.” Thus, the artwork features elements and symbols of this novel, which will make sense as the plot unfolds and unravels.


Digital Art Program: Clip Studio Paint.

Video Recording Software: Cyberlink Powerdirector.

Dancing in Snowflakes

Inspired by Evgenia Medvedeva, I made this digital artwork, which is paired to the music I composed for my MFCYO orchestra. This video features a speedpaint time lapse of my entire process from a blank canvas to the finished product. For a more in-depth description and full score of the music, see here.

Digital Art Program: Clip Studio Paint.

Video Recording Software: Cyberlink Powerdirector.

Vincent Zhou Drawing

This artwork is dedicated to Vincent Zhou, whom I feel a close connection to as an ABC and someone born in the year 2000, the year of the dragon. Overall, I'm inspired by his athleticism and intellect, and I wanted to convey it here in the power, strength, and resilience of the dragon, which represents his zodiac and mine.

Digital Art Program: Clip Studio Paint.

Video Recording Software: Cyberlink Powerdirector.


The Power of Words

A time lapse of my art process paired with a voiceover. For the full description of this artwork, see here.

Digital Art Program: Clip Studio Paint.

Video Recording Software: Cyberlink Powerdirector.

Music Background: "Always With Me" by Joe Hisaishi.


For more info about me, check out:

Follow my art instagram account at breez_art_ and deviant art account at bubba-bree for more updates!

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