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Bree's Dental Infographics

How I Integrate Oral Health within Columbia's Medical Curriculum 

At Columbia Dental, my first 18 months of dental school is with the medical school, in which we share the same classroom and lab with medical students. While I'm so grateful to have the chance to learn about the whole body, I also feel that it's important for medical students to have an understanding of oral health! 


Oral disease is a silent epidemic: tooth decay is the most common disease in the world, periodontitis is number 6 in the world, and both conditions greatly affect, predispose, or exacerbate other health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, pneumonia, COVID-19, cancer, and even Alzheimer's. However, the mouth has been historically neglected in a lot of conversations on health, partially because of the segregated dental and medical system (in schools, hospital systems, and insurance policies). Many medical students learn more about the brain, the skin, and the rest of the body, but they tend to know less about the mouth when it’s one of the most important windows and gateways to our physical and mental health.

This is how and why I started making infographics connecting the contents I made in this class with public health concepts, because--after all, health cannot be achieved without taking on a public health lens!

Integrating Dental & Medical Curricula

Inspired by Immunology and Histology/Pathology Lectures. 

Inspired by Psychiatric Medicine

Inspired by Pulmonary and Microbiology & Infectious Disease

Inspired by Biology Block of Molecular Mechanisms

Inspired by Immunology and Oncology!

Inspired by Genetics and Dental Anatomy. View the VIDEO HERE.

Inspired by Introduction to Global and Population Health Lecture

Inspired by Body Health and Disease: Neuroscience

Inspired by Data Science Lecture

I had the wonderful opportunity to actually present this during a Data Science Lecture to my classmates!

Inspired by Pharmacology and Dental Anatomy

Inspired by topics in Data Science about redlining, inflammation, chronic weathering

Public Health and Advocacy Infographics!
Other Advocacy Infographics

Addressing gun violence from a public health lense and focus

These infographics were featured on Harvard ASDA's official Instagram Page.

Detailing the full experience of Dental Lobby Day in Washington DC

These infographics were featured on Columbia ASDA's official Instagram Page.

These infographics were featured on Harvard ASDA's official Instagram Page.

Click to see full perspective. Infographics explaining more about NHSC Scholarhip

Patient Education Infographics!
My Patient Education Infographics!

I make these infographics to educate patients about how to best take care of their teeth, including concepts such as plaque, tooth decay, gum disease, fillings, sealants, halloween tips, types of dentists, infant oral health, pregnancy oral health, and the oral systemic link!

More About Me!
HSDM - The ecosystem of my love for dentistry-min.jpg

How I found dentistry through psychology, music, art, public health, education, and more!

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Sold by Brown University Bookstore and featured on Columbia's Global Consortium of Climate Health

Bree banana.jpg

Reflections on what it means to be Asian American and my struggles with my identity

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Harvard Global Health Starter Kit co-author, 2nd author of bottle feeding case study

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Performed 5 times in Carnegie Hall, 2 times in the Metropolitan Museum, 2 times in McCarter Theatre

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My five key takeaways + lessons from Brown University: the goods, bads, and funs!

6_1_2022, 9_45_58 PM.jpg

How I combine music therapy and art to heal and educate patients!


You are free to download any of my notes, tree diagrams, and summary flow charts for medical and dental school! 


Miss Chinese Pageant 2018 2nd Runner up, Miss Talent 2018, Laihing Jewelry Winner

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