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Hi everyone! I am a senior at Brown University, on the pre-dental track concentrating in Psychology with a passion for both science and the humanities. My favorite animal (coincidentally my zodiac animal) is the dragon and my favorite food is mango + peaches + strawberries in a yogurt bowl. On my free time, I enjoy playing the guzheng (a 21-stringed Chinese harp), oil painting and digital painting, composing music, writing short stories, poems, and novels, running in the morning or late at night, reading books, learning how to ice skate!

Another integral part of my life is my Chinese culture. As an American-born Chinese, I seek to connect the east and the west, to foster a mutual love and understanding of each other’s cultures, traditions, and heritages. That is why I have worked many years on spreading my Chinese culture through performing at various venues, founding a guzheng class for students, composing music with eastern and western elements, and planning cultural events in my community. I hope to continue combining my American education with my Chinese roots to elevate my own identity.

Career Interests

I am passionate about working in the healthcare field: utilizing STEM and science to improve the physical, social, and mental health of patients. Planning to become a dentist, I hope to use my hands-on skills and artistic experience to sculpt teeth, treat pain and gum diseases, and bring a smile on people's faces. After all, a smile is one of the most beautiful and important features to our face and personality, essential for our confidence and psychological well-being. Furthermore, since healthcare professionals (particularly dentists) are often feared by people, I hope to use my Psychology background to alleviate patients' fears and assuage them of their anxieties by bringing elements of art and music therapy into my dental office. Additionally, as a former teacher, I've always loved to work with children, and I am currently studying how children think, act, and understand their world in the Causality and Mind Lab at Brown. With this knowledge, I hope to potentially become a pediatric dentist, making dental experiences for children as relaxing, rewarding, and fun as possible.


But my intention isn't to only focus within the patients of my own practice. Oral health is so integral to the body's health, yet it often goes unseen, unnoticed, and very inaccessible to a large part of the population. With a passion for public health, I want to improve the overall oral health of the community through educational initiatives, early interventions such as fluoridation, increasing horizontal integration of dental care with primary care, and creating a system that prioritizes disease prevention over drilling. Furthermore, with a passion for teaching, I hope to engage as a future professor to reshape the dental curriculum on a higher upstream level to teach cultural competency not just as a strength but as a fundamental core principle, incorporating mental-health informed dental care that also focuses on social determinants of health such as food, transportation, insurance coverage, income, geographical location, and language barriers. 

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Hunterdon Family Dental Care


Rhode Island Free Clinic

Extracurricular and Work Passions

I love event-planning: the act of bringing people of different origins together to bond together, learn something new, create friendships, and forge last memories, which is why I am currently involved in Class Coordinating Board as President and Orientation Welcoming Committee as an Orientation Leader. I also enjoy volunteering in healthcare settings, especially when they intersect with my passion for music therapy (Rhode Island Hospital). Furthermore, in expanding my interest in public health and my goal of making dental care more accessible, I volunteer at the Rhode Island Free Clinic and spearhead community service projects as President of Pre-dental Society. Lastly, as someone who loves teaching and interacting in the education field, I'm currently working as a college counselor and essay editor for highschool students.


CCB 2022 x 2023 Ice Skating


Orientation Welcoming Committee


CCB 2022


RI Hospital Hands Through Harmony Volunteering

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