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About Me

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Hi I'm Bree, she/hers)! I graduated from Brown, receiving a degree in Psychology (ScB) with Honors, and I am pursuing a DDS at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine--read about my dental journey here! My favorite animal (coincidentally my zodiac animal) is the dragon and I am the HUGEST fan of Studio Ghibili movies (Princess Mononoke is my <3). In my free time, I enjoy playing the guzheng (古筝), oil painting and digital painting, composing music, writing short stories, going on morning runs, learning Tiktok shuffles, and trying new sports like ice skating, frisbee, and ballroom dancing! 

Things I Like to Do!

There's something magical about giving someone your knowledge and watching the crazily amazing things they do with it. I first fell in love with teaching in 2014 when I co-founded a guzheng class for children. Later, in college, I found an opportunity to work as a college counselor and essay editor with Princetonow Education Services, advising and helping students develop their passions. 


However, I always loved working with children. It's like planting a seed and watching it take root and grow up. So I joined a developmental psychology lab, Causality and Mind Lab at Brown, studying how children think, learn, and interact with the world. This past April, I finally finished my senior thesis on "Effects of Different Praise on Children's Motivation"!🦷

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Event Planning & Student Government

They say you'll forget your grades, but you won't forget your people. During my time at Brown, being Co-President of the Class of 2022 and a Orientation Leader gave me a wonderful and humbling opportunity toe be a "Matchmaker" to create spaces and chances for new friendships and relationships 👀 to form (favorite memories include apple picking, ice skating, Gala, and the senior organ concert)! Now, at Columbia, I am the President of the Class of 2026 and work to continue to foster connections while communicating with deans and admin to best support our class!

Event Planning
Gala 2022
Ice Skating 2022
Senior Sayles Hall Organ Concert
Avon Movie Night
Senior Week Carnival
Winter Party
Gigs/Spring Weekend Carnival
Last Meal at the Ratty
CCB Virtual Semester
Orientation Welcoming Committee 2019
2023 x 2022 Ice Skating

To me, art is dreaming of weird things. Art is believing in yourself when no one else does. Art is reflecting on your tragedies and successes. Art is growing as a human. Art is confusing and messy and befuddling. Art is harsh and unforgiving but it can be comforting and lovely. Art is cool!

View my artwork, watch my time-lapse paintings, or consider buying my artwork at the Brown University Bookstore!

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Selling Artwork at the Underground Market

At the Create@Brown ArtMart

Brown Bookstore


I'm a musician and composer. Music has allowed me to connect with my culture. It has given me space to heal from my eating disorder. I'm always trying new ways to play my guzheng (古筝). Recently, I've discovered a new passion for music improvisation and spontaneous storytelling. Read more about my guzheng story or listen to my most recent compositions!


Most people just see teeth, but I see dentistry as this glowing, overlapping, breathing ecosystem of all my passions: art, music, science, public health, global health, psychology, and education. Read more to find out about why I'm passionate about dentistry.


Hunterdon Family Dental Care

Rhode Island Free Clinic

Dental Associates of Rhode Island

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