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My Artwork

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Sneak Peek Into My Portfolio

Bree Zhang Dreamscape Art

These dreamscapes and imaginary lands are rendered spontaneously without any prior planning, sketching, or reference photos. Like lucid dreaming, I let go of....


The world as I see it is composed of snapshots of meaningful places, objects, and people that have emotional significance to me. I capture these...

stop asian hate.jpg

I investigate and confront inter-sectionalities of race, gender, sexuality, neurodiversity, from advocating for Asian solidarity to analyzing sexual violence...


Aspiring Artist, Musician, and Dentist

My Music

Bree Zhang - "Daydreams" [Music Video] 古筝

Bree Zhang
Bree Zhang - "Daydreams" [Music Video] 古筝